Benefit Of Percussion Massage: 9 Excellent Benefits For Your Health

Benefit Of Percussion Massage: 9 Excellent Benefits For Your Health

The Benefit Of Percussion Massage. If you are a fitness enthusiast or a gym goer, you may have noticed a massager that resembles a power drill used in the gym. It’s known as a percussion massager.

You may have also heard about it through social media as well as fitness blogs and want to learn more about it. Perhaps you’re searching for ways to relax those tense, achy muscles.

If you are curious, this article will attempt to educate you on the percussion massager as well as percussive massage therapy. We will go over what a percussion massager is, the Benefit Of Percussion Massage, who should and shouldn’t use one, and important guidelines for using one. Let’s get started.

What exactly is percussion massage?


Percussion massage is a form of therapy in which a series of rapid blows are delivered into the soft tissue to enhance pain relief, relaxation, as well as tissue repair. This kind of massage also boosts blood flow and muscle range of motion. Percussion strokes are implemented by a masseuse through a sequence of quick, light strikes from the hands and wrist. The handheld percussion massager is the more popular option.

Is The Benefit Of Percussion Massage Real?

Percussion massage therapy is generally beneficial to everyone. It has numerous advantages for athletes, those recuperating from injuries, as well as the average person. Perhaps you have back and neck pain from sitting at a desk all day. Percussion therapy can assist your muscles to relax and relieve pain.

Athletes benefit from increased oxygen distribution but also blood circulation throughout the body. This lessens post-workout sore muscles and cramping, allowing the body to recuperate and heal more quickly. It’s also an excellent pre-competition warm-up.

Percussive massage balances the targeted muscle group, tones the muscles whilst also relieving tightness, and decreases physical stress on the joints and bones. To summarize, this type of massage benefits frequent “Joes,” athletes, and people suffering from certain injuries.

What Is the Function of a Percussion Massager?

A percussion massager is a hand-held device that resembles a modified jigsaw. Popular percussion instrument therapy massagers today include the  Tim Tam, TheraGun, Hypervolt, and Pleno M 3.0. The 4 machines are strikingly similar. TheraGun is probably the most widely used percussion massager.

It has a 2,000 RPM motor and a dense foam ball connected to it. The foam ball bounces back and forth 33-40 times each second. The foam ball repeatedly strikes the muscle, relaxing it and enabling you to probe deeper into the tissues. The machine can reach deeper into the muscle than you can with your hands alone.

The machine has a frequency range that you can adjust to meet your specific needs. In a moment, we’ll go over how the percussion massagers perform in greater detail.

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The Benefit Of Percussion Massage

The Benefit Of Percussion Massage
The Benefit Of Percussion Massage

As previously stated, percussion massage therapy has a wide range of benefits and applications. Let’s take a closer look at the Benefit Of Percussion Massage.

Applications in Medicine Percussive therapy is sometimes used for post-surgery treatment because it is recognized to break down internal scar tissue whilst also increasing venous as well as lymphatic circulation. This shortens the healing time. Percussion is also used to treat stiff muscles and joint spasms because it lengthens the muscle fibers. This helps to relax both the muscles and the fascia, preventing muscle spasms in the future.

Improved Athletic Performance Percussion massagers are frequently used by world-class trainers on professional athletes. During the breaks of the 2017 NBA Finals games, basketball superstar Kyrie Irving did receive percussion treatment to prevent and treat cramping.

This type of massage also improves athletes’ across all and performance because it stretches the muscles as well as connective tissues. Percussion massage causes 30x stronger muscle contractions, increasing muscle strength but also recovery time. Improved blood circulation lessens muscle soreness and tiredness, allowing athletes to perform for longer periods and more frequently.

Rehabilitation. This form of treatment hastens the recovery of muscles that have been injured by disease, injury, or surgery. The percussion’s contractions strengthen the muscles. This is extremely useful for people who are unable to participate in physiotherapy. It is used to stimulate muscles, help stop non-use atrophy, and improve reflex responses in patients with partial or complete paralysis.

Advantages of Wellness There are also overall wellness and health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, improved immunity, better sleep, elimination of toxins, better digestion, improved organ/tissue health, better sleep patterns, and stabilizing the autonomic nervous system. Excellent work!

Relaxation. This type of massage, like most others, is extremely relaxing and feels fantastic. Stress levels have been reduced. Percussion massage is interested in exploring breathing and relaxation by enhancing oxygen and blood circulation, thereby lowering stress and anxiety.

Pain Relieving. Without the use of drugs, percussion massage helps to relieve pain and muscle soreness. Percussion massage interacts with your brain’s processing of very specific frequencies to provide pain relief.

Convenience. A percussion massager is simple to use and transportable. As a result, you can take it with you wherever you go. It’s like possessing your masseuse following you around.

Scarring and Cosmetic Procedures. Percussive massage aids in the removal of adhesions, the breakdown of scar tissue, and the reduction of inflammation that can occur after cosmetic procedures. This shortens the patient’s healing and recovery time.

Flexibility and mobility. Relaxation as well as stretching of muscle tissues and fascia improves flexibility and mobility.

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Is This Therapy Safe For Injured People?

Although percussion massage is generally safe, and the Benefit Of Percussion Massage is real, it is not suitable for everyone. As always, consult with your doctor. Because the intensity can be high, it may aggravate certain conditions or pain. Percussion therapy shouldn’t be used in the following situations or conditions:

  • Lumbar sprains
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Pregnancy, advanced diabetes, certain kinds of chronic back pain, or injuries while taking blood thinners

Commonly Asked Questions About Percussion Massagers

Commonly Asked Questions About Percussion Massagers
Commonly Asked Questions About Percussion Massagers

This section will answer frequently asked questions about how and when to utilize the massager. There are also general guidelines that you need to be aware of before using one.

What is the difference between a personal percussion massager and a traditional massage with a certified massage therapist?

The benefit of percussion massager on oneself is cost and self-awareness of one’s body through sensation.

Massage therapy with a professional therapist is an outstanding way to recover, but the cost of seeing one regularly can quickly add up, while most percussion massagers cost less than $200 and can be used recurrently for the duration of the product’s life.

Can I Use My Own Percussion Massager?

According to Dr. Alan Novick, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist in Hollywood, as cited in The Washington Post, it is best to use the tool on yourself so you can respond immediately to your feedback on the pressure you are feeling. If you experience any discomfort or have hit a bone or nerve, you can quickly stop. Because it is more difficult to reach areas around the spine with a percussion massager, a back massage with a percussion massager is best performed by a physical therapist or a peer.

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The bottom line

A percussion massager is simple to use and can be utilized not just by massage therapists on their customers, but also by individuals on themselves. Buying one can be enticing even before you learn as to its potential health benefits.

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