TOP 8 Best Places To Propose In Georgia In Romantic Winter

TOP 8 Best Places To Propose In Georgia In Romantic Winter

Winter in Georgia has two main advantages: peaceful cities as well as majestic snowy landscapes. You may be able to capture the ski season if your timing is correct. The atmosphere is enhanced by Orthodox holiday traditions in January.

Tbilisi continues to remain mild throughout the winter months, while the surrounding regions range from mildly frosty to bitterly cold, displaying a variety of magnificent waterscapes such as frozen lakes, snow-capped mountains, and sugar-dusted villages, and more.

While winter (December-February) is not the great time to visit Georgia for hiking, wildflowers, or wine, it is a great time to plan a city trip with your love and enjoy time together in a peaceful atmosphere. If you’re thinking about visiting Georgia in the winter, there are a few practical considerations to keep in mind when planning your itinerary, some of which I’ll go over here.

In this guide, I’ll show you the Best Places To Propose In Georgia during the winter and provide some winter travel tips to help you have the greatest memory with your partner.

Why go to Georgia in the winter?

Why go to Georgia in the winter?
Why go to Georgia in the winter?

To begin with the obvious, winter temperatures are much lower all across the country, and winter is relatively dry in many areas of the country. In comparison to the hot and humid summer, winter is a much more nice experience to be outside, especially in Tbilisi and Kutaisi.

Winter is the off-season for most of the country, so lodging prices are lower and transportation is less congested. During the winter, some of the country’s best hotels offer attractive discounts. The only exception is the ski resorts (particularly Gudauri and Bakuriani), where prices rise.

Some high mountain passes have been closed in the winter, making visits to remote villages like Omalo in Tusheti difficult or impossible. However, the majority of roads, including those to Kazbegi and Mestia, are still open.

The Caucasus mountains are what truly distinguish Georgia in winter. Snow-capped peaks, small villages with smoke wafting from chimneys, and Svaneti’s tower houses wrapped in blankets of powder are memorable.

Imagine, The winter stroll is a vintage proposal idea, whether it is a fantastical stroll through a simple, enjoyable walk on a winter morning. Choose a pleasant path, such as a quiet neighborhood or a lovely park. A sunrise stroll is also a fantastic idea for the most mesmerizing proposal.

Therefore, Winter is unquestionably a great time to visit the mountain ranges if you enjoy skiing and snowboarding. If not, there are a variety of other cold-weather activities available across the country, ranging from sulfur tubs to scenic train rides. Winter is made for hearty Georgian cuisine, and nothing beats cuddling up at a nice wine bar on a chilly night with your love to tie the knot and enjoy the best moment of your life.

Finally, having two holidays means having twice the fun! Instead of Orthodox Christmas, which starts to fall 13 days later, December 25 passes without much fanfare. The biggest holiday celebration is on December 31, with an uprising of fireworks in Tbilisi. Then, during Christmas, Bedoba, and Epiphany, you can observe beautiful Orthodox traditions.

How cold does Georgia get?

Georgia’s climate is extremely diverse. The east of the country is generally drier as well as crisper, whereas the west is much more tropical and humid.

Tbilisi remains comparatively benign all through the winter months, with temperatures averaging 2-8 ° C. during the day and dropping to 0-2 degrees overnight from December to February. The temperature rarely falls below freezing. Tbilisi is very pleasant as well as crisp in winter because there is no ice or sleet but there are often blue skies over the city.

Winters in southern Georgia’s mountain ranges and plains, on the other hand, are bitterly cold. From December onwards, common mountain areas including Svaneti, Racha, and Kazbegi all experience heavy snowfall and temperatures below freezing. In Mestia and January, temperatures can drop to -13 degrees Celsius.

In Georgia, when does it snow?

In Georgia, when does it snow?
In Georgia, when does it snow?

Every year, Tbilisi experiences 2 or 3 snowy days, usually at the end of winter or the beginning of spring. Don’t expect to see snow inside the capital: it’s a gamble, and even if it does snow, it’ll be wiped away by evening. Sometimes it snows in Batumi, but seeing snow on the Black Sea coast is extremely rare!
If you want assured snow, you’ll have to go higher up. Mestia, Racha, Kazbegi, and Upper Adjara close to Batumi all get snow in December. Snow fell in Ushguli early this year (2021), in the final week of September.

The ski season typically lasts from early to mid-December until April, with official opening dates for every ski resort dependent on weather conditions.

To summarize, when you want to pick the Best Places To Propose In Georgia, the best time to visit is still between January and February, once snowfall is at its peak.

The Best Places To Propose In Georgia and enjoy your trip there.

While each of these ten destinations is a fantastic place to visit during any period of the year, I believe they are especially lovely in the winter to be chosen as the Best Places To Propose In Georgia.


Gudauri is the country’s most popular winter resort as well as a tourist mecca, and it should be on any travel list in Georgia in winter. Skiing, snowboarding, and heli-skiing are all available on 64km of runs (served by 15 lifts & gondolas) beginning in mid-December.

Gudauri, on the other hand, is not my favorite place: it’s very crowded and overpriced during the season. So this is the Best Places To Propose In Georgia, especially for somebody who is introverted but also romantic. But I’ll grant you that the scenery is breathtaking.

If you’re going skiing, go out and stay in a luxurious ski-in chalet. Otherwise, it’s far better off spending an hour in Gudauri just on way up to Kazbegi, in which the winter vibe is far more pleasant and lodging far more affordable.


Svaneti is the Best Places To Propose In Georgia
Svaneti is the Best Places To Propose In Georgia

Svaneti is the Best Places To Propose In Georgia if you want to experience a fresh, rugged mountain winter and tell her the most romantic and happy words in the world. Winter arrives early on Georgia’s highest peak, promising 3 months of snow-white landscapes which appear almost too perfect to be true.

Svaneti offers a wide range of winter activities: Skiing and snowboarding are available at Hatsvali, and Mestia town has a variety of cultural and historical attractions. It is a great experience when both of you can also take a side trip to see the tower houses in UNESCO-listed Ushguli (available throughout the winter – go with a local driver who knows the roads). Topping it all off, Kubdari is possibly the zenith of winter fare.

All of this takes place against the backdrop of the country’s most majestic mountains, Shkhara and Mount Elbrus serving as snow-clad sentinels.


The Best Places To Propose In Georgia – Borjomi, in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region of southern Georgia, is one of several places in Georgia with thermal springs and sulfur pools. In the winter, a journey to the open-air baths is the ideal way to warm up.

Bakuriani is Georgia’s 2nd most common ski resort, after Gudauri. This is a snow bunny’s dream, with 29kilometres slopes of varying difficulty and 20 ski lifts. The elevation ranges between 1,600 and 2,700 meters above sea level. The ski season typically begins in mid-December.

Bakuriani is located in the hills of the Lesser Caucasus mountains on the northern slopes of the Trialeti Range. As one might expect, the entire region is a winter wonderland of ivory-colored trees as well as hoary hills.

Christmas lights appear to be going up earlier and earlier each year, and many various individuals are not afraid to go all out. Why not take advantage of this by setting your proposal against a marvelous, illuminated backdrop?

If you really want to take it a step further, you could have the inquiry written in light. Create your own romantic area (whether indoors or outdoors) with a few strategically placed colored lights. Make sure you have some alone time to set everything up.

Another must-do (and a big reason why so many people come here) is to ride the historic Kukushka Train, Georgia’s only scenic trail that runs from Borjomi to the ski resort. The trail winds through dense forest, and you will propose to her in especially beautiful in the winter.


Javakheti most distinct landscapes and a true sight to behold in winter
Javakheti most distinct landscapes and a true sight to behold in winter

This winter destination is dubbed the “Georgian Arctic” due to its length but rather harsh winters are only for the brave. Javakheti, which is bitterly cold as well as unforgiving, necessitates snow tires, proper gear, and a lot of grit. But if you’re brave enough, it’s one of Georgia’s most distinct landscapes and a true sight to behold in winter.

The Javakheti Plateau, which stretches across the country’s southern border with Armenia and Turkey, is home to several tiny jewel-like lakes intermixed among vast prairies and canyons.


The picturesque Georgian Military Highway is open all winter
The picturesque Georgian Military Highway is open all winter

Kazbegi (Stepantsminda) is the greatest spot to see the Greater Caucasus without leaving Tbilisi. It is only four hours away by car.

The picturesque Georgian Military Highway is open all winter, making it easy to get to Kazbegi and visit several winter wonderlands along the way, such as Gudauri, Pasanauri, and Sno Village. The views somewhere along the road in the winter are nothing short of spectacular; I dare you to resist the temptation to roll down the window at every turn.

Because of its ski slopes, nearby Gudauri receives the lion’s share of winter tourism. By contrast, Kazbegi is much quieter. So here is one of the Best Places To Propose In Georgia. Venture up to Gergeti Trinity Church (it’s best to go by Delica in winter but if you have proper hiking gear) and spend the afternoon sipping glint wine on the deck at Rooms.


Bakhmaro, in western Georgia’s Guria region, is a popular alpine resort known for its healing air. According to some, this is Georgia’s purest air, which is why a visit to Bakhmaro is frequently recommended for people suffering from respiratory problems.

Summer is the best time to visit for spectacular sunsets. To say the least, the air is a little frostier in the winter. The storybook A-frame houses that dot the mountain struggle under heavy snow – up to 5 meters deep in a good year – and are surrounded by pockets of fir as well as pine tree forest.

Bakhmaro is only available by cat ski during the winter because the road leading up to the peak is closed. Every year, the Swiss-owned Cat Skiing Bakhmaro runs a limited season. Here is certainly great to visit and have time with your love.


the Best Places To Propose In Georgia in the winter with many stunning sceneries
the Best Places To Propose In Georgia in the winter with many stunning sceneries

The highlands above Batumi look fantastic in their winter cloak. Sweet alpine villages like Beshumi have similar A-frame huts to Bakhmaro and are especially lovely in winter.

Goderdzi, Georgia’s third ski resort, is located in this region and, despite its small size, is probably the most scenic. The atmosphere is more intimate here because there are fewer tourists. The season lasts from December to March. You just need to go there with your partner and easily find a romantic place to make your plan to propose to her come true.


The Best Places To Propose In Georgia: Lagodekhi National Park is a hiker’s haven in the summer, but it takes on an entirely different personality in the winter. In the cold months, this small patch of warm, moisture forest in arid Kakheti, close to the border with Azerbaijan, is all silver-white rivers and vast swaths of snowy pasture.

Nothing beats a comfortable romantic evening in with your partner, making it the ideal attempt to set for a proposal. Make some warm drinks that both of you enjoy (such as tea, hot cocoa, or mulled wine), get cozy, but also pop the question. Herders bring their flocks down to grass in Lagodekhi and Vashlovani in winter to escape the harsh winter conditions in the Tusheti mountains, which is why you’ll see many flows of sheep roaming the landscape during this period of the year.

In conclusion

Here are the Best Places To Propose In Georgia in the winter with many stunning sceneries to make your happiest moment in life more special and memorable.